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Wade Lightheart

his Vital Power is a Nonlinear Experiential Reality which in it’s fullest expression is realized in the A.W.E.S.O.M.E Health Experience.” Wade Lightheart

3-Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Wade Lightheart, is one of the world’s premiere authorities on Natural Nutrition and Training Methods. Having majored in Sports Science at the University of New Brunswick, he has authored numerous books on health, nutrition and exercise which have sold in over 80 countries. Wade has starred in several exercise videos and is sought out by professional athletes and high-performance oriented individuals worldwide. His global clientelle includes: Performers, CEO’s and Professional and Amateur athletes alike. Wade’s articles have appeared in over 200 publications worldwide and he continues to present his dynamic lectures to sold-out audiences around the world.

Wade has dedicated his life to helping others achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance through nutrition, health and fitness and has helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life transform their health and improve their lives by adopting his Easy-to-follow Philosophy. He routinely appears on radio, TV and Internet sites as a guest expert sharing his winning health formula outlined in his latest book: Vital Power – A Dynamic Philosophy for Producing Optimum Health And Vitality Without Diets, Drugs or Doctors.

He is living proof that you can build robust health and a classic physique with Living foods, Quality Supplements and Scientific Training. His principles provide a new hope for competitive athletes and weekend warriors who wish to excel in athletic pursuits without using health destroying chemicals. Check out Wade’s amazing new line of Maximum Vital Power Products which are designed to help you cleanse, rejuvenate and re-vitalize on a cellular level for Optimum Health.

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