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How to become Good Healthy, Not just Healthy

There is a difference between being good healthy and regular plain old healthy. These four tips will help you be good healthy so you can live a long, happy life!

Human beings have had a mixed relationship with health. Some of us are extremists; we want to eat super clean and work out every day, some of us are trying to lose weight and start being healthy, and some of us think drinking just juice and doing no activity is healthy. The definition of good health is misleading. As we follow one’s famous celebrities and read the various health programs one can do, we all pick and choose what we think looks fancy and what we think we can stick to.

Good health is not about having a six-pack. Well, it’s awesome if you have one! But, it’s about a better quality of life, sustaining the lifestyle in the longer run, feeling good about yourself inside out, and above all, you are actually healthy. Now, no matter which category you fall in we all want to reach good health ultimately. Here are a few tips for you to obtain that goal.

Follow Your Gut

Following your gut or intuition does not mean you feel a craving for fries and then you binge on them. It simply means, every person is different, their lifestyle is different and hence what they can eat or when they can work out is very personal. Don’t try to imitate others. Do what you can and try your best, but most importantly follow your gut.

Seek Help

We are all afraid to ask for help when needed. If you are new to the health zone or after years of doing one thing, you have realized it’s not working for you, and you feel lost and in need of help, then get what you need. If it means to hire a personal trainer or if it means to consult a nutritionist or a life coach, then do it. Don’t be afraid of support. It’s what everyone needs.


Good health is not about working out five hours a day or drinking juices. It’s about good balance, and the only way to reach optimum health is via dedication. You have to believe in it to be dedicated. It’s that simple. Your health is like a bank account, the more effort you put in every day, you will see results. Believe in yourself and stick to your goals.

Don’t be Hard on Yourself

Being healthy is not just about the food you eat and how your body looks. It’s how you feel and what you think. Just as we say, you are what you eat. You are what you think as well. Stress and negative thoughts have been linked to obesity, cancer, and high acidity levels in your body. Be kind to yourself and remember that health is a lifelong journey.

Stay strong. Stay focused. Stay happy

Get the good health – Inside and out.

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