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Pumpkin Protein Chocolate-Chip Cookies (Flour-Free and Vegan)

These pumpkin protein chocolate chip cookies will put the great in your great pumpkin festivities this month. Welcome your taste buds to October!

While I’m sad to see summer go, the flavors of fall can be really exciting. Pumpkin-flavored foods have become quite the trend, but they can also be dangerous. Many companies tout their “limited edition” pumpkin treats, but they don’t tell you about the skyrocketing amounts of sugar, the hidden calories, the heavy flour, and all that butter you need to power-wash out of your body.

Pumpkin is low in calories, packed with fiber, and loaded with Vitamin A, so why dilute a food with so many benefits by pairing it with unhealthy ingredients? According to the National Cancer Institute, pumpkin has even been found to potentially help prevent cancer thanks to its powerful antioxidant beta-carotene (also found in sweet potatoes and carrots). This food is also packed with Vitamin C, which, of course, helps maintain a healthy immune system. So how do you enjoy the benefits of this fall favorite without adding unhealthy ingredients? Here is a delicious, fluffy pumpkin-chocolate chip cookie recipe that will satisfy any cookie craving. I even added some Sunwarrior protein to the mix! Make sure you chill these first before eating so that you can really taste the pumpkin flavor.

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