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Where Do You Get Your Protein? My 5 Favorite Ways!

Every vegan has heard the question where do you get your protein. The question is important. The answer is more important. Here are 5 ways to sneak that protein into your diet!

If you had asked me four years ago “where do you get your protein?” I would've just said “shut up! I get my protein naturally from plants without even worrying about it! Stop asking such a cliché question!” And then proceeded to eat my vegan diet without thinking twice about my protein consumption. But somewhere along the way, I got my hands on some Sunwarrior plant protein powder and popped a scoop of it in a smoothie and felt better than I had ever felt before! Energized! Level headed! Strong! FULL!

Many more smoothies later, I was hard-core hooked on Sunwarrior. But long gone are my days of simply blending the goods into a smoothie, I love to use Sunwarrior in many other ways in my day everyday life to give me the same benefits I got after that first smoothie - energy, strength, mental clarity, and fullness. Here are my top 5 ways to use Sunwarrior and get in that extra protein that a body really does need.


Duh, right? You totally saw that coming. But it’s still worth mentioning that you'll probably never find me making a smoothie (like this or this) that doesn’t involve half to a full heaping scoop of Sunwarrior protein. It’s an easy, no-brainer way to get your protein for the day.

Baked Goods!

Believe it or not (definitely believe it) you can substitute Sunwarrior’s classic protein powder for ½ of the flour in almost every recipe that calls for real glutinous flour! Try it! I’ve done it with much success in cookies, cupcakes (like these!) muffins (like these!) and bread recipes and as a result, these baked goods don't spike my blood sugar as per usual, and they do fill me up! As per unusual for baked goods.


Pancakes are flipping fantastic! Like these. Similarly, but even more awesomely, you can substitute ALL the flour in pancakes for classic protein powder. This is a dream come true because it means that no longer must pancakes be a “naughty” breakfast that leaves you feeling crappy and guilty moments later, rather, pancakes can be a power breakfast that leaves you feeling amped and energized to attack the day moments and hours later!

Ice cream!

I love turning banana ice cream (which in and of itself is a lovely treat) into an even lovelier high-protein treat. Simply by adding 1–2 tablespoons of Sunwarrior into your banana ice cream food processor (which you can make by just processing chunks of peeled, frozen bananas with a splash of water!) you make this dessert less blood-sugar-spiking.

In Energy Snack Balls!

Adding Sunwarrior to homemade energy snack balls (like these) is the way I roll. Pun very much intended. I can’t even imagine a snack ball without Sunwarrior since it’s what I use as a flour and binder in the recipe. It’s what puts the energy in the energy snack ball!

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