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The Juice on Juicing

There are a lot of questions regarding juicing and blending. We're here to give you the juice on juicing and blending!

Let me share with you the juice on juicing and blending. We've always known that chewing foods into smaller particles is important for proper digestion. The sad fact is that the vast majority of people chew little and swallow quickly; it's kind of a reflexive habit that is hard to break. In fact, I've never heard of anyone chewing their food too much. A Purdue University study concluded that “Particle size affects the bioaccessibility of the energy of the food that is being consumed. The more you chew, the less is lost and more is retained by the body” (1). You need to know that food must basically become a creamy liquid to be absorbed into the blood through the wall of the small intestine and assimilated in the body. Therefore the process of digestion, at its core, is just separating and extracting the juice from the solid chunks. Juices are absorbed over 90% as opposed to under 40% for solid food. So, no matter how much you chew, it is only moderately efficient at best.

Nature has virtually provided all the things that do a body good. Generally speaking, fruits are the cleansers of the body; berries are the blood purifiers, while vegetables are the builders. Dark green leafy vegetables or a glass of carrot juice have more calcium than a glass of cow's milk. Green and yellow raw fruits and vegetables are brimming with enzymes and other important phytonutrients. Many combinations of different fruits and vegetables can make a symbiotic super juice that allows you to control the portion size of ingredients and customize the taste. The sooner the drink is consumed after blenderizing, the better, as the nutrients oxidize and degrade fairly rapidly with time.

Juicing and blending have many benefits:

Weight Loss

It's easier to quantify and control the portion size. It's important to know that it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach and brain to communicate that you're full, so when it comes to meals, take your time (2). Interestingly, I’ve even seen some studies that indicate that even dreaded cellulite is diminished within 30 days.

A Noticeable Increase in Energy and Vitality

The actual digestion process is very demanding on the body's energy. Blending fruits and vegetables is basically predigesting these foods thus liberating energy for the body to use in other productive ways.

Less Bloating

Bloating, gas, constipation, and other digestive problems are diminished because of reduced putrefaction that is generated by the intestinal bacteria as they try to break down larger particles.

A Better Functioning Immune System

Fortifying the body against foreign invaders. That's really important because no one wants to hear their doctor say, “The good news is that we saved your life. The bad news is that you will spend the rest of your life paying for the good news.”

It may shock you to know that in the average lifetime you will digest fifty tons of groceries. You can give your overworked digestive system some much need rest, your body what it needs, and your energy a boost, with healthy, healing, nutrient dense blender smoothies.

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