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No Bake (RAW) Chocolate Protein Powerball

Looking for a quick 5-minute recipe power packed with nutrients, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free? We've got you covered!

This Powerball recipe is a perfect snack pre or post workout and even a guilt-free treat to hold you over. Packed with protein, healthy carbs, and fat, this well-balanced snack is perfect for an energy boost. It provides a tasty treat perfect for individuals with busy schedules, and who are aiming to get in an abundance of healthy nutrients with each bite. Enjoy!

Servings 14 Balls



In food processor, blend the dates, raisins, oats, Sunwarrior Cocoa Powder, Sunwarrior protein powder, and coconut oil. This creates the batter for the recipe. Roll the batter into 14 small balls using your hands. Coat balls with Chia Seeds, flax seeds, and cinnamon. It is easiest to roll the batter into balls and then place the ball into a small bowl with toppings. Roll the ball around to ensure it is completely covered. Next, place the balls in a container and place in the fridge. Let cool for 30-60 minutes and enjoy!

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