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Phone Health: Using Your Phone for a Healthier You


Phone health: Some technology keeps us sedentary, but it doesn’t have to. Use your phone for a healthier you!

Since the digital revolution began in the late 1950s, technology has been growing by leaps and bounds. In some ways, new technology has been beneficial, in others, not so much. However, whatever your view is on technology, we use it every day, and it is a defining part of our culture. We are reliant on technology, especially when it comes to our smartphones. And there are many ways it can help us improve our lifestyles. Here are some ways you can use your smartphone to improve your health.

Meditation Apps

Mind full? How about being mindful! Meditation has been used for centuries as a key tool to connect to your inner self. If you are new to meditation, downloading an app can help you get started. Meditation apps are great ways to calm you down and clear your head. There are many apps out there that provide all types of meditations, ranging from minutes to hours. Some types of meditations include bedtime, walking, 10 minute, and morning. Find which one works best for you and start incorporating it in your daily schedule.

Fitness Trackers


Looking for more motivation to work out? Download a fitness app! These can track how many steps you got in a day, and you can log how much exercise you did. There are even work out apps that provide quick at-home workouts for even the busiest people. You can even find workout class apps! Having a fitness app may keep you more accountable in exercising and may make exercise more fun. Download with your friends and family for some friendly competition!


Create a playlist or multiple playlists that inspires and speaks to you! There are multiple music apps on smartphones and even apps where you can learn how to make your own music. These apps have music of all genres and singers. Boost your mood by listening to the music you love.

Night mode

Eyes tired from eye strain? Turn on night mode! This feature on smartphones allows you to have a more yellow screen, which helps prevent eye strain from blue light. Turn this on all day long or just turn it on during the nights to help you sleep.


Improve your overall health by improving your nutrition. Having a nutritious diet is essential to feeling your best. There are many apps out there where you can track the foods you eat, check the ingredients of grocery store food products, and have access to healthy recipes. These apps may help you become more conscious of mindless snacking and more aware of harmful ingredients lurking in packaged food products. Recipe apps are convenient and help you save time by allowing you to filter the specific ingredients and diet you want.

Sleep Trackers


There are many sleep tracking apps that let you know how many hours of sleep you got. Some even have logs for you to describe your sleep, which can be helpful when comparing how well you sleep in the long run.

There you have it: all the ways your phone can bring you a healthier you!

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