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4 Ways to Age Gracefully

Aging is inevitable. All living organisms age every second of every minute of every day. But it doesn’t have to be awful! Here are four ways to age gracefully and look great!

Leading a healthy and high-quality life is critical to leading a happy and satisfactory life. With our current lifestyles, we are consistently exposed to toxins, pollution, and high-stress environments. Much of this is driven by lack of sleep, indulgence in alcohol consumption and other things that aren’t good for us as well as the stresses of leading busy, non-stop lives. As we naturally age every day, these stressors can accelerate the process of aging. There is no such thing as stop aging, but we can most definitely age better.

Here are 4 Ways to Age Gracefully

Improve Breathing Capacity

One of the key ingredients to balancing stress levels and improving healthy living is by practicing deep breathing. Improving your breath and lung capacity by practicing good breath work increases lung capacity, improves blood regulation, reduces stress levels, and all this helps you age better.

The ancient yogic science of breath is the science that deals with body, breath, mind, soul, and ultimately, the universe itself. So go ahead; Take a deep breath and hold it for five seconds. Let it out slowly. See? I bet you feel better already. Go online to find breathing guides.


Stretching keeps you limber and allows you to move in all the ways you're used to moving. It makes it so you can get down on the floor and get back up again without any difficulty.

Increase Your Heart Rate

Staying physically active has many benefits – from long casual walks to HIIT training to regular yoga practice. These have all been proven to reduce stress, improve muscle definition, reduce obesity rate, improve energy levels and help a person lead a high quality and conscious life. Regular physical activity has proven to help one age better. One of my favorite ways to make fitness fun is to pick different types of fitness classes at different intensity levels.

Jumpstart Your Social Life

Maintaining a good social life is not just great for good conversation and maintaining relationships, it is also critical for aging healthily. A lack of a confidante shows a reduction in physical activity and vitality. Maintaining a good social life also reduces depression and anxiety Being social gives a general sense of motivation. So go get social!

Eat right. Stay active. Be happy.

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