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Protein Almond Milk

DIY almond milk to get all the ingredients that are awesome and forget the ones that aren't!

As someone who only really reads nutrition labels for the ingredients and not so much for the calories, I have been very surprised to see what is in most plant milks. I have been drinking the same almond milk for about six years now and finally read the ingredients in it. To my surprise, I found some included that I had never heard of before and could hardly pronounce. This was a wake-up call to me because I am so adamant on paying attention to what foods are made of and even constantly preach this to my clients! I can’t believe I finally turned the bottle around and read it completely!

In my readings, I found ingredients I wasn’t thrilled to consume.

There are also new brands out there that now carry added protein plant milks. With these, there are still a bunch of different preservative and ingredients added.

This made me think, why don’t I just make my own? That way I can know exactly what goes into a product I’m using multiple times a day. Also, saving a little extra money is just a pro that goes along with it! I also decided to add extra protein to it! This is where the creativity is completely up to you! You can blend it with vanilla, chocolate, mocha, berry, or even just natural. I ended up making vanilla since I add it to so many different recipes, but chocolate would be good if it were blended up with a banana and peanut butter. You could even make the “milk” mocha flavored and use it as a coffee creamer!

As I said, this recipe is limitless! So, have fun in the kitchen and don’t hesitate to experiment and try new things!

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