So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Iced Café Matcha-Cino

When the siren song of coffee calls, you can shake things up (or blend them) and make that call a healthy one!

There are times when coffee calls my name. It’s the smell, the ritual of grinding beans, and inhaling the aroma with sheer joy. I go through phases where I relish in the process of making and sipping coffee. It’s not the caffeine I love – it’s the bitter, bold, dark taste that has such a personality. Perfection! I prefer it black Americano style with only an occasional cappuccino or soy latte when I want a longer lasting beverage. Adding the Sunwarrior Supergreens and matcha tea is the perfect pick me up after lunch. While going out for coffee may be fun on occasion, it’s nice to know you can make an equally impressive frosty latte at home.

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