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Blueberry Mango Cauliflower Protein Smoothie

Sing the blues! or just drink them with this amazing blueberry mango cauliflower protein smoothie!

To say I’m on a cauliflower-in-smoothie-kick would be an understatement. Since realizing that adding frozen cauliflower florets to a smoothie in place of banana give said smoothie a creamy, dreamy texture without the all the sugar (albeit natural, but still blood-sugar-spiking!) that I used to draw on the banana for, I’ve been cauliflowering every smoothie I now make!

Like this smoothie. This blueberry mango cauliflower protein smoothie that is ACTUALLY the perfect hue of blue is pretty remarkable.

Also remarkable is how filling this smoothie is thanks to the Sunwarrior Warrior Blend plant-protein powder (and the high-fiber fruit in it).

Enjoy my current favorite smoothie after a workout for the most refreshing, rejuvenating, sipping experience.

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