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How the Law of Attraction Works: Understanding Energy and Vibration

Understand the law of attraction and how it works & understand energy and vibration!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

If you’ve heard of the law of attraction or the law of vibration before, you probably have a very definite reaction to it. Either you believe in the power of these laws, or you think that they’re a fairytale that people have woven together to make them feel better about their lives.

How can your thoughts possibly decree your entire life? How can repeating mantras actually manifest what you want? Don’t you need to rely on your actions not just your thoughts? These questions are actually rooted in not understanding how these laws function.

Here’s how the law of attraction affects your life:

  • Your energy influences those around you through the Pygmalion and Golem effects
  • Your thoughts are directly related to your vibration and energy
  • Your habits from your subconscious are what dictate your life
  • Similar energies attract one another


If you’re anything like me, when you first heard about the law of vibration or the law of attraction, you might have thought it was a bunch of hippy-dippy nonsense. It sounds weird and unexplainable, but the law of attraction and vibration are actually very similar to the law of gravity.

You dont know the reason why when you drop a pencil it falls to the ground. You dont know why the universe is made to pull all things to its core. You just know from everyday observation that gravity works. Just as Isaac Newton said, “What goes up must come down.

The law of attraction and vibration act in a similar way. You might not be able to explain why it works. But, you can observe that it does.

The law of attraction is a secondary law to the law of vibration. In a nutshell, the law of vibration means that everything moves and nothing rests. This is a scientific principle at its core.

We live in what many people call an “ocean of motion.” Everything is built up of small molecules that are constantly vibrating. Your eyes can’t see it, but it happens. Your body, the trees outside, and your clothes are all made up of vibrating molecules.

Everything is at a different rate of vibration and frequency. When you think of something, whether through your conscious or subconscious mind, you set off a chain of reactions that change the vibration of your body.

Think of when you meet someone new. You can immediately understand a bit about their personality just by the energy they give off from their vibration.

Understanding your vibration is important for you to take personal responsibility for your health, to take control of your relationships, and to take charge of your financial situation.

To understand others, you need to shift your own frequency to see the world through their eyes. The vibration that you are in is going to attract things of a similar frequency.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a negative space, you enjoy being around other negative people? Or if you are happy and super excited about something, when someone with a negative frequency talks to you, you don’t want to be near them.

You need to get into harmony with the things you desire in order to achieve your goals.

To become aware of your vibration and those around you, you need to bring awareness into your life. This can be accomplished by focusing on the present, developing a conscious breathing practice, or meditating.

You can also tune into your vibration and make your vibration a positive one by spending more time outside. Think of how great you feel when you’re outside.

This experience will be different for everyone. Some might enjoy a hike in the woods, others might enjoy spending time in the ocean, and some people might enjoy just laying outside soaking up the suns rays. We enjoy being outside because the vibration of nature is perfect.

Understanding the law of vibration is how we can begin to bring the law of attraction into our lives and manifest our desires.


This law happens in relation to the law of vibration. To first begin to understand the law of attraction. You need to define your relationship to the world.

Do you believe you are in charge of your life and your surroundings? Or, do you believe that you are a result of your environment and the things happen to you?

The law of attraction is dependent upon your worldview. Your thoughts and feelings are connected to your inner vibration and frequency. These thoughts affect your surroundings and the events that take place in your life.

To better understand how this works, let’s look at a couple of scientific studies that illustrate this fact.

The Pygmalion and Golem Effect

The Pygmalion and Golem effects are both based on the idea of self-fulfilling prophecies. Let’s say for instance that a teacher is told what level each of the students is at academically prior to meeting her new class at the start of the school year.

So, the teacher knows which group of students perform at a high level and identifies the other group that is on an average academic level. A small group of students is unknown because they are brand new to the school.

At the end of the year, who succeeded the most academically? Well, the group of students who were declared to be academically gifted performed the best. The “average” group performed lower than expected. And, the students who were unknown were somewhere in between the average students and the gifted students.

But, does this mean that the students that the teacher was told were the smartest were actually the most academically gifted? In 1968, Rosenthal and Jacobson created a study to observe how teacher expectation influences student performance.

Rosenthal and Jacobsen administered a pre-test to a group of elementary students. They then told the teachers names of students that they believed were late bloomers. They said that these students were expected to bloom academically this year.

Rosenthal and Jacobsen had actually drawn names randomly from a hat to decide the student names to give the teachers. These students weren’t rated on their performance on the pre-test. They were all selected randomly.

Eight months later, Rosenthal and Jacobsen tested the entire group of students again. They found that the students that they told the teachers would bloom academically scored significantly higher than the rest of the students.

The students were selected at random, so how did they end up scoring higher than everyone else? The teachers treated those students differently than the rest of their class because they believed that they would bloom academically.

As a result, the kids began to think of themselves differently, and they performed considerably better because of this effect. The students were transformed by their teachers’ positive expectations. This is known as the Pygmalion effect.

The opposite is true of the Golem effect. The negative reinforcement of teachers’ lower expectations led students to believe that they were inferior to others.

Teachers were more supportive of students that they believed would become smarter and didn’t exert much effort with students that weren’t expected to do well academically.

Basically, your energy and expectations are shared with those around you. If you’re a negative person, you will attract negative results. If you have a positive can-do attitude, you will attract positive results.

Your energy is directly related to what you attract in life. Like attracts like.

How It Works

Let’s first divide your brain into two parts: the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. The subconscious mind controls parts of your body that constantly need to be regulated without you always drawing your attention to these duties. An example of this would be your breath.

However, involuntary acts, characteristics, and patterns are also deeply buried in your subconscious. In fact, you’ve been programmed to act the way you do from your childhood. As a child, everything that you observed with your conscious mind poured into your subconscious.

This is your current paradigm. It’s all of your habits combined that make up the way you react to everyday scenarios.

You don’t have to react to situations. You can respond.

If you activate your consciousness, bring awareness to your thoughts, and work to change your mindset, overtime your paradigm will shift. You’ll create new habits. Your results will change.

You’ll attract things that are in harmony with your new vibration. You’ll attract people who are in harmony with your new vibration.

If you find that you don’t like your situation or the reality of your life, your paradigm is the problem. You need to work to change your paradigm.

If the paradigm was created by the repetition of habits, then you’ll need to repetitively be uncomfortable if you want your life to change.

Because even if you think something at a conscious level, it doesn’t mean that your unconscious will follow through with it. In fact, your subconscious rejects ideas that are different from your programming.

You can start implementing affirmations into your life and repeating them to yourself continuously. Now, I’m not saying that simply saying a phrase will change your life.

But, by repetitively saying a new way of thinking, your paradigm will change. And, your actions are controlled by your paradigm.

You have to change your paradigm. As the paradigm changes, your vibration will change. As a result, your life will change.


Your vibration is directly related to your lifestyle. If you constantly eat junk food, you aren’t going to perform at your best. Your vibration isn’t going to be at its best.

That’s why a healthy lifestyle and diet are essential to changing your vibration. Take time to go outside and get some fresh air and exercise. Work on your mindset and stress management.

Try to eat whole foods that are close to nature rather than highly processed foods with chemicals in them that you can’t even pronounce.

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