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Tahini Dressing

Open Sesame! Fast and easy, Tahini dressing is the best way to dress up meal time so that dinner feels like an event to be celebrated!

As peanuts are to peanut butter, so sesame seeds are to tahini! Tahini is a paste usually made from ground hulled and toasted seeds—though it can also be made with unhulled, raw, sprouted, or even black seeds. Tahini can work as a substitute for those with peanut allergies—and its uber-high calcium content is a bonus for those concerned about bone health!

Arguably, the most well-known use of tahini is in making hummus, but if you’ve ever savored baklava or Baba Ghanoush, you may have found it there as well. As you might have guessed, tahini is most popular in North African, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cultures, where it is frequently used in day-to-day cuisine.

I used tahini to create the oil-free, sweet and salty dressing below. Tahini Dressing may be drizzled over a green salad or used as a dip. Feel free to alter the consistency, using more or less water to play with thickness. You can also thin it with a little orange juice to alter the flavor.

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