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Enzorb: The Ultimate Plant-Based Digestive Enzyme (with AstraZyme)

Beat the bloat and abdominal pain with the ultimate plant-based digestive enzyme: Sunwarrior’s Enzorb!

Have you ever eaten something and within a few hours realized that your stomach is so bloated that you can’t button your pants? It’s not uncommon for my patients to tell me that they wake up with a flat belly and by the end of the day they look six months pregnant. Even if you haven’t experienced abdominal swelling to such an extreme, any amount of bloating is not normal; it’s a sign of intestinal inflammation. If you’re having gas and bloating regularly, you could have food sensitivities and a gut infection, such as SIBO.

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth occurs when the bacteria in our gut get out of balance and overgrow. I often say, “Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.” How do we get too much of some bacteria over others? This can manifest in several different ways and often occurs in those eating a diet high in sugar, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates. Certain strains of bacteria feed off of refined carbohydrates and break them down into short-chain fatty acids, creating gas and causing bloating. With SIBO, patients can either have constipation, diarrhea, or a mix of the two.

There have been some interesting links between SIBO and patients who were on long-term use of PPI (proton pump inhibitors) such as Prilosec as it will alter the bacterial environment within the GI tract. There is a noted GUT/BRAIN axis correlation as well, which is where it becomes interesting to me. I have always loved taking on neurological cases such as PD, Tourette’s, ADD/ADHD, and migraines due to the fact that most are given pharmaceutical drugs for the symptoms, and THAT’S IT. No help with the cause is given, no guidance on how to control or prevent symptoms is shared, and no education on what else is associated with the disease. Evidence supporting the concept that neurological disorders such as what I described above not only affect the brain but also cause neurodegeneration within the enteric nervous system (governs the function of the GI tract) leading to colonic dysmotility and symptoms such as SIBO. I have noticed that over 90% of my patients with a neurological disorder also suffer from gastrointestinal disorders. Hence the gut and brain axis.

My job is to educate on these relationships and help reverse these symptoms, getting to the cause or mechanism of the disease. That is what differs integrative medicine from conventional medicine. Using natural treatment protocols such as nutritional support, acupuncture, genetic testing, and nutraceuticals such as effective digestive enzymes, we can reverse the mechanism, and the symptoms will dissipate. Why suffer from pain and distention after eating? Constipation? Diarrhea? And the correlation between the gut and brain axis also can affect neurobehavior and overall health with issues such as anxiety, pain, autism, depression, MS, obesity, cardiovascular risks, and ADD/ADHD. 80% of our immune system is located in our gut.

SIBO, if left untreated, can cause potentially serious health complications. It’s vital to get rid of the bacterial overgrowth as soon as possible.

Bacteria overgrowth in the small intestine can lead to malnutrition, one of the biggest concerns with SIBO. Essential nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, and fats aren’t properly absorbed, causing deficiencies, including iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, calcium deficiency, and deficiencies in the fat-soluble vitamins: vitamin A deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, vitamin E deficiency, and vitamin K deficiency.

Luckily for us, Sunwarrior has introduced a product that will help with absorption of essential nutrients! ENZORB is a plant-based digestive enzyme that contains a full spectrum of 25 enzymes, trace minerals, and potent SBO probiotics! Enzorb contains AstraZyme which is known for its potent ability to break down proteins as well as enhance both amino acid/peptide absorption quantities and rates. So, what does this mean to us? Enzorb will help with food sensitivities, decrease gut inflammation, assist with the proper breakdown of protein, proper absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, and decrease bloating and distention. BAM! When your gut is happy, you are happy! This, in turn, will help boost the immune system, give higher energy levels as those important vitamins and minerals will absorb more efficiently, enhance lean muscle mass, and increase metabolism as our GI system won’t have to work as hard to break down essential nutrients. This means all that saved energy can be used in other systems! Another attractive quality about Enzorb is its enzyme blend that targets specifically protein digestion, carbohydrate digestion, fat digestion, and even the digestion of free radicals which are those inflammatory and disease-causing villains!

Enzorb will fight for you and help increase your immune system so you can team up to be the ultimate Sunwarrior!

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