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7 Gift Ideas for the Vegan in Your Life

Giving gifts is not always the easiest thing to do. Giving gifts that matter is even more difficult. So we’re here to help you give gifts with meaning and love this year to the vegan in your life.

Some people believe that giving gifts to people with specific tastes and styles is shackling because they are so hard to shop for. But I feel the exact opposite. People with specific tastes are easiest to shop for because you already know what they like! Vegans have a very specific lifestyle, and that makes them easy to shop for. But if you’re stumped as to what to get the vegan in your life, here are 7 gift ideas, from the no cost to the high-ticket, that will make you the hero of the holiday!

Personal Care

The best stocking stuffers are the ones that have a real purpose! There are some amazing vegan lotions, soaps, lip balms, sunscreens, nail polishes, beard oils, and essential oils on the market that put a luster in personal appearance and make it look like the stockings weren’t just hung with care but that they were filled with care as well!

Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream. It’s really all that needs to be said. And since the vegan can’t just go buy any old ice cream, they often need to make their own. Besides making your own ice cream is kind of exciting and definitely fun! An ice cream maker is a fabulous gift because your special vegan will probably share with you once they put the machine to use! Nothing better than a gift that keeps giving!


Nothing says I love you about you more than a gift that pampers! A gift certificate for a massage is one of those gifts that makes the receiver actually sigh with the tension leaving muscles just thinking about it. Short on cash and wanting to get your significant other something special? Give a gift certificate for a massage given by you. Touch is a way to show affection and love, and the service of giving a massage is one that can bring a couple closer.


Vegans blend. It’s just something they do. Non-vegans blend, too, but vegans love it with a passion unparalleled. So, if you’re looking to buy a nicer gift, a fantastic blender just might be the gift you’re looking for! Make sure that you do your research. Not all blenders are created equal. You want one that can chop nuts and ice cubes with ease while still whipping a smoothie into a creamy, dreamy glass of happiness.


Obviously. Vegans are definite foodies and giving the gift of food that they can eat and love is a way to show love and support and good taste. You can give a gift certificate to your vegan’s favorite restaurant or make up a gift basket full of their favorite ingredients.


This is something everyone needs in their life whether they are vegan or not. And here is where Sunwarrior has you covered. We can help you give the gift of health whether it be in protein, vitamins, or meal replacements.

Kitchen supplies

Since we’ve already established that vegans are foodies, you know they’ve got it going on in the kitchen. You cannot go wrong by supplying their culinary awesomeness with the best kinds of tools. The beauty of these kinds of gifts is that there is something for every budget. If you have no cash available, give the gift of dishwashing for a month. If you have a smaller budget, you can give a rolling pin, apron, oven mitts, or measuring spoons. There are pots, pans, mixers, and all those things in a kitchen that makes food creation awesome!

Obviously, the ideas for what to get the vegan in your life are endless. Just make sure that whatever your getting does not include animal products or animal testing and you can be certain to be the holiday hero!

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