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Vegan Cookie Butter Hummus

Ring in your New Year party with a cookie butter spread that is so good, you might have a hard time sharing it! (but you should because sharing is nice)

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the seasonal food that only comes out at this time of year! One of my all-time favorites is cookie butter! However, it wasn’t until last year when I turned the jar around and looked at the nutrition label that I realized I probably shouldn’t eat the entire jar at once.

This year I had an idea to recreate cookie butter but maybe in a healthier way! So, I made the base of this recipe using garbanzo beans, which is why I call it hummus. This recipe not only is beyond fast and easy but is so delicious. It’s packed with protein and is perfect to spread on toast, used as a dip, top on ice cream, or smoothie bowls or of course eaten by the spoonful! It also can be used as a gift! Filling some cute mason jars with homemade cookie butter hummus and tying a bow, would make the perfect present along with some Christmas cookie mix! I’m sure Santa would even be very appreciative if some of this was left out with some cookies on Christmas Eve because, I mean, who doesn’t like cookie butter?

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