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Improve Your Environment; Live Healthier!

The environment we surround ourselves in can go a long way to helping us be healthy, fit, and happy. So, if you improve your environment, you will be healthier! Here’s how!

Even simple changes or adjustments to your surroundings can have a powerful impact on your success and consistency with your health and fitness. Below are some simple strategies that can help you set up a highly supportive environment to help you effortlessly improve or maintain optimal health and fitness!

Don’t Eat Full Portions

When eating out at a restaurant, don’t mindlessly eat the entire portion. When ordering your meal, or when being served, ask for a to-go box and automatically put away half of it for later.

Avoid Eating When Multi-tasking

When we are doing multiple things at once, it’s incredibly difficult to be mindful of our eating and being aware of when we’re actually satisfied. The result often is overeating. This includes when engaging in activities such as watching TV. We all know how much popcorn and other snacks we can mindlessly eat while our attention is on our favorite show. If you want to enjoy a snack while doing something like watching TV, pre-measure snacks in a separate bowl or container with an appropriate serving amount.

Put the Healthiest Foods Within Eyesight

When we can easily see and grab the healthy foods, it’s not only going to be more convenient for us but will also help us remember the healthy foods we have and that we need to eat them! Some simple ways of doing this include keeping a bowl of fresh fruit or a bowl of raw mixed nuts and seeds on the counter, or keep a veggie platter on the main shelf of the fridge.

(NOTE: There could be no better way to get those healthy fruits, vegetables, and mixed nuts/seeds than a smoothie. Download Sunwarrior's free smoothie eBook today to help.)

Keep the Bad Foods Out of Sight

Out of sight, out of mind, right? If you must have less-than-ideal foods in the house for one reason or another, keep them as far out of sight as possible. Better yet, don’t allow any unhealthy, un-natural foods into your home at all!

Only Purchase & Use Small Dishes

Use appetizer size plates or small cups. Small dishes are a great way of helping us not to overeat. Visually seeing a small plate that’s full of food, rather than a big plate with the same amount of food, makes us subconsciously feel like we’re eating more food even though it’s the same amount. With more plate space we feel like we’re eating less, which triggers us to eat more. Using smaller plates, bowls, and cups is a great way to help trick our minds into eating less and being completely satisfied.

Sign Up for a CSA

Using a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a great way of having fresh produce on hand and a good variety of that produce. This method of purchase will help keep vegetables and fruits on your mind and in your menu plans.

Chew Well

Make sure to chew all your food really well before swallowing. Doing so will help you digest better, be more nourished, and less likely to overeat.

Keep A Water Bottle with You

Keeping water with you throughout the day will not only help remind you to drink water and prevent dehydration, but it also can help you from turning to unhealthy drinks such as soda or processed juices.

Wear Your Tennis Shoes

Even having your workout shoes (and clothes) on can help you automatically feel more active, energetic, and more likely to work out!

Park Farther Away

Parking farther from the door is a great and easy way to force yourself to move more throughout your day.

Keep Your Gym Back Packed

Keeping your gym bag packed and always ready to go can help you when time is tight or motivation is low. It’s a small step towards being prepared that can go a long way in helping you make your exercise a priority!

Take the Stairs

As much as possible, use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

Stand & Move At Least Once an Hour

At least once an hour, get up and move around. Some people find it helpful to set a timer on their watch or phone to help remind them that it’s time to stand up and get the blood pumping!

Listen to Upbeat Music

Fast-paced, high-energy music can help us to be motivated, energized, and more likely to move. Be active and exercise to the beat of your favorite jam!

Have a Partner

Having a workout partner or personal trainer can significantly help in not only keeping you motivated but accountable. When the motivation is low, having a cheerleader can help get you through the rough days.

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