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Raw Vegan Brownie Batter Energy Balls

When you need a bite of energy, we’ve got you covered with these raw vegan brownie batter energy balls!

You know when you want some energy, but you also want to eat a brownie? No? Haven’t desired those two things at the same time? Well, maybe that’s because the two are commonly completely contradictory!

But not anymore. (This sounds like an infomercial. But stay with me. Totally worth it.) These raw brownie batter energy balls TASTE just like raw brownie batter (which is the best kind of brownie batter) but actually give you energy thanks to the dates, cacao, nuts, and Sunwarrior plant-protein! So really, that whole “brownies and energy are completely contradictory” thing is now just null and void. Woot! Pre work out energy and post work out muscle repair with a flavor that is mm-mazing!

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