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The Difference Between Mobility & Stability (And Why Both Are Essential)


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In the world of fitness and wellness, terms like cardio, strength, and flexibility often dominate the conversation. However, two crucial components that are frequently overlooked but equally essential for overall fitness are mobility and stability. Understanding the difference between these two concepts and recognizing their importance can significantly enhance your fitness routine and overall well-being.

In this article, we will delve into the definitions of mobility and stability, distinguish between them, and highlight why they are vital for achieving optimal fitness outcomes and preventing injuries.

What is Mobility

Mobility basically refers to how well your body can properly move through a motion. A person with good mobility is able to perform functional movements, such as a low squat, without any restrictions or pain during the range of the motion performed. In short, mobility is strength in the range of motion of the muscle. 

Mobility differs from flexibility. A flexible person may be able to hold a stretch, but this doesn’t mean that they will have the core strength or stability, balance, or coordination to properly move through a movement. Flexibility is part of having proper mobility, but being flexible and being mobile are two different things.

What is Stability


Collagen builder for joints and muscles


While mobility relates to movement capability, stability, on the other hand, refers to control. Having proper stability means being able to properly maintain control of the joint or muscle position by having efficient coordinating actions from the neuromuscular system and other surrounding tissues. Stability requires proper strength of the system of muscles and joints. For example, core stability requires not only the strength of the abdominal muscles but also the strength of the lower back, hips, and other stabilizing muscles. In short, stability is having the ability for a joint to resist movement from an outside force.

A good way to test your mobility versus stability is to do a deep squat just using your bodyweight, and again with a stability ball behind your back. If you can’t get down properly and without pain when doing the bodyweight squat, but you can with the aid of the stability ball, it indicates that mobility is not so much the issue as is stability. This is because with the help of the stability ball you were able to have the range of motion to get down, you just lacked the stability necessary to hold you in proper position during the motion.

Why Is Proper Mobility and Stability Important

No matter what the individual fitness and wellness goals are, mobility and stability are critical factors, not only for fitness outcomes, but for avoiding or treating pain and injury. Having proper mobility and stability allow the body to move the way it was designed, without dysfunction. When the body doesn’t have proper mobility or stability, movement compensations and dysfunction result, which leads to muscle imbalances and eventually pain, excessive tension, and injury.

Our bodies move and work by an alternating pattern of mobile versus stable joints that work together to give us movement. Basically, some places need more mobility, while others need greater stability. The root of most pain and injuries is a lack of proper mobility or stability of a joint. Because of this, spending proper time improving mobility and stability can go a long way in helping prevent or treat pain.

Sunwarrior Recommendations for Joint Health


Collagen builder for joints and muscles


To support and enhance joint health, Sunwarrior offers a range of products that can complement your mobility and stability training. Here are just a few of them:

Sunwarrior Plant-Based Collagen Building Protein Peptides

Sunwarrior's Collagen Builder is specifically designed to support healthy joints and connective tissues, aid in mobility, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Sunwarrior Liquid Vitamin Mineral Rush

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, Sunwarrior's Vitamin Mineral Rush can help maintain bone health and overall joint function, supporting both mobility and stability.

Sunwarrior Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce joint pain and stiffness, enhancing mobility and overall joint health. Sunwarrior's Omega-3 does all that while eliminating fishy burps and negative side effects that come from animal-based products.

To truly get the best possible results, it’s optimal to train mobility and stability simultaneously rather than separately. This means to train movements. Some great exercises that help improve mobility and stability include:

  • Planking (and planking variations)
  • Birddogs
  • Stationary runner’s
  • Lunge matrix
  • Walking hip openers
  • Scapular pushups
  • Hip/glute bridge
  • Front-to-back kicks

Incorporating these exercises into your fitness routine, along with Sunwarrior’s recommended products for joint and muscle health, can help you achieve optimal mobility and stability, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing your overall fitness and well-being. Remember, a balanced approach to fitness that includes mobility and stability training, supported by quality nutrition and supplementation, will help you move better, feel better, and live better. Get started now!


Collagen builder for joints and muscles


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