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Saint Patrick’s Day Superfood Green Soup

Forget the pot of gold! Get a pot of green . . . soup that is! There is no better way to honor the patron saint of Ireland than with a mouthwatering bowl of healthy, delicious, and festive soup.

To celebrate the month of all things green, I decided to whip up my Superfood Green Soup. Green vegetables are some of the healthiest foods around. They lower the risk of disease, promote healthy weight loss, strengthen your internal organs and bones, and are attributed to reversing the signs of aging. Since green vegetables are packed with so many vitamins and minerals, it was only appropriate to start off the name of this recipe with Superfood. Not everyone loves the taste of vegetables alone, but when blended and turned into a soup, the flavors combine to form a mouthwatering flavor. Keep your immune system and taste buds happy all spring long with this delicious recipe!

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