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Blackberry Rose Water Mint Popsicles

Bye-bye, basic popsicles! Frozen treats will never be boring again with these blackberry rose water mint popsicles!

Blackberry Rose Water Mint Popsicles are an unexpected spin on your classic ice pop. Refreshing and full of natural goodies, you won’t feel guilty if you sneak more than one. Mix it up by using basil or rosemary instead of mint, or try orange blossom water as a stand-in for the rose.

In this recipe, rose water is the special guest. Why, you ask? There are many proponents of rose water who will tell you:

  • It hydrates skin from the inside
  • It’s a relaxer, helping to relieve stress and improve the mood (like chocolate, but with fewer calories!)
  • It’s a natural reliever of bloating, upset stomach, and constipation
  • It reduces fluid retention and inflammation

When buying rose water, be sure to purchase the pure form rather than a synthetic rose oil and water blend, which likely also contains preservatives. Pure rose water is simply the steam distillation of rose petals. You can also make your own rose water at home. Look up the process online—it’s fairly simple and requires little more than a large pot, some ice and a couple of quarts of fresh rose petals

Making these frozen treats couldn’t be easier: just five delicious ingredients, blended and frozen.

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