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28 Insanely Easy Ways to Eat More Plants

When you hear “eat more plants,” do you imagine making monster salads? Or never eating pizza again? Here are 28 non-monster-salad ideas for eating more plants (and one does include pizza!).

In my opinion, eating more plants really means making sure that there’s a fruit or veggie present in every meal or snack you consume; it’s as simple as that! And the 28 ideas listed below show you that it really is exactly as simple as that.

  1. If you can find roasted chickpeas at the store, you struck gold. If you can’t, you can make them yourself.
  2. Frozen veggies are your besties; you can always defrost them and add them to any dish, even delivery food.
  3. When in doubt, stuff a sweet potato.
  4. Mix drinks with kombucha instead of soda.
  5. In general, just drink kombucha instead of soda.
  6. Make overnight oats for a breakfast on the go.
  7. Veggie burgers are great and can be used on a salad or in a sweet potato.
  8. You can’t really mess up roasting veggies! Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle on salt and pepper, roast at 400 degrees until they smell and look perfect.
  9. Don’t like cutting? Buy veggies pre-cut! Nobody’s judging.
  10. Try kale chips. They’re really not bad!
  11. Make homemade bolognese by mixing a jar of tomato sauce with lentils and wilted spinach on the stove.
  12. Getting pizza? Top it with all the veggies.
  13. Dessert on dates stuffed with nut butter.
  14. Make black bean brownies.
  15. Or chickpea blondies.
  16. Make banana ice cream.
  17. Snack on apples with cinnamon (plus optional nut butter).
  18. Snack on pineapple with coconut shavings.
  19. Have a mid-morning snack of grapefruit with coconut sugar or stevia.
  20. Ask for avocado instead of mayo on a sandwich.
  21. Get guac instead of cheese and sour cream at Chipotle.
  22. Popcorn comes from a plant! Pop your own and snack on that.
  23. Wilt spinach into your canned soup on the stove.
  24. Baby carrots are deceptively good to snack on.
  25. So are grapes.
  26. Drink coconut water when hungover, craving a sweet drink, or before and after exercise.
  27. Boil quinoa instead of rice. And when getting delivery or take out Asian food, sub your homemade quinoa for restaurant rice.
  28. Master one simple green smoothie and make it A LOT.

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