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Reduce Stress: Simplify Life

Stress is something everyone deals with, but how you live your life might be increasing your stress beyond what you can handle. Five ways to reduce stress by simplifying life!

We all have stress, some more than others. What if I told you that you are your own personal enabler, and you create some of that stress in your life all by yourself. You may not be my biggest fan for pointing something like that out, right? However, by simplifying things in your life, you can significantly improve the quality of your life. Sure, we all "think" we cannot live without certain things, but after some time we realize that we can. You just need to adapt and unplug from the stress you placed upon yourself. Here are my top 5 ways to reduce stress by simplifying your life.

1. Turn Off Electronics

We live in a world of technology. For many, that technology runs our lives and causes us more stress than necessary. UNPLUG. Turn off your devices at least two hours before bed. Unplugging may be difficult for many, I get that, but when you learn this skill, you relax, destress, and can sleep better. Those text messages, emails, and social adventures will all be there the next day. After a couple of weeks, unplugging will feel like second nature, and you might like it.

2. Reduce Clutter

How many times do you walk into your home and just sigh because you see clutter? A lot of things we own or put off doing create extra stress. We own things we do not need or use, but they take up space. Both physical and mental space. We spend too much time thinking of getting rid of things, but then we don’t. Once you start the process of purging, it is incredible how easy it becomes and how good you feel after it is complete. Both mentally and physically.

3. Increase Activity

Physical exercise is a known stress reliever. You do not have to be a gym rat, but by spending 30 minutes of physical activity a day, you get your heart pumping. You are happier, well rested, and you have increased heart health. So, get that heart pumping and help yourself decrease some of your everyday stress.

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4. Learn to Say No

Do not overextend yourself. It may sound selfish, but it isn't. Between work, kids, school, activities, 24 hours a day sometimes is not enough. It is perfectly ok to say no and take time for yourself. You are reducing your stress by not overextending yourself on a regular basis.

5. Negativity

As a whole, negativity can be an easy trap to fall into. We hear it from others, we read about it, and we let it consume us on personal levels. Let go of negativity and focus on the things to be positive for. Learn to forgive instead of spending time looking for reasons why you should not forgive. Negativity drains you mentally. When you are mentally drained, you become physically drained as well.

Living in a world where we are constantly plugged into technology, overextended, and exhausted decreases our quality of life. By simplifying what we can, we are already a step ahead in reducing the amount of stress we carry day to day. By reducing stress, we are increasing heart health, decreasing digestive issues, and are happier.

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