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Vegan Coffee Cake Muffins

Moist, amazing, and full of all the healthy things that will allow you to eat more than one: we bring you vegan coffee cake muffins.

Coffee cake is one of those recipes that bring beautiful memories of my grandmother. Always preparing coffee cakes for our parties and events in the family. I remember being in the kitchen with her and watching her bake this marvelous creation that we all have grown up on. Recreating a coffee cake as good as hers is nearly impossible because it came from her hands but recreating a recipe that pays homage to this cake was a mission I was ready to embark on.

Coffee cake sounds simple to make right? I thought I would nail it on the first try. Not quite! Recreating a coffee cake that was vegan and tasted up to standards definitely took me a few tries. I wanted to also make it gluten-free, so most of my attempts came out too mushy or dry like a sponge. Luckily, I landed on a recipe that I could publish and was delicious. Experimenting with different nut milks and sugars, I recommend using higher fat nut milk like coconut milk. This will give your cupcakes more moisture and will be more flavorful. Don’t be frightened by using full-fat coconut milk. The fat in coconut milk will actually help you to lose weight or get rid of excess fat.

This recipe calls for oat flour, which is a great substitute for gluten-free baking. Using coconut sugar and applesauce created the sweetness this cake needed. Luckily, this will not spike your blood sugar levels because they both are lower glycemic sweeteners. Applesauce is a great substitute to use in vegan baking as it acts like an egg. This will bind the recipe together. You can also add in some fruits such as apples or even blueberries to make this recipe your own. This recipe is a great base for many experiments in the kitchen.

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