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Top Reasons Why Fat Is So Important in Your Daily Diet

We’re all trying to lose fat, but some fats are important and even healthy. Learn more about why fats can be good for the daily diet!

Fat. This is something none of us want to be, and yet surprisingly is something that is required in our daily diets not only for health but to prevent us from being overly fat! For a long time, people have been fat-phobic, thinking that eating fat will, in fact, make them more fat. However, this is simply not at all the case when the right kind of fats are being eaten. When nature-made fats are consumed (versus man-made or man-modified fats), the positive benefits are amazing!

There are only a few elements that are found in and required by every single cell in the body, and one of them is saturated fat. That’s right, every single cell of your body requires saturated fat to function. Without it, the cell will be dysfunctional, unhealthy, and eventually die. If something is required by every cell of the body, it should say something of the importance of that element to our overall health and wellness. This example illustrates that saturated fat is our friend, helping us to function optimally, and is not something to be feared or avoided.

The right kind of fats are the ones that we find naturally occurring, including:

  • Grass-fed butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Avocado
  • Raw nuts & seeds
  • Full-fat dairy

Because fat is required by every cell of the body, it’s vital to ensure adequate daily intake of these natural fats. Below are some top reasons why fat is so critical to include in your daily diet.

Fat Helps Balance Blood Sugar: Excess blood sugar can cause a huge number of problems to our health, so making sure to keep blood sugar levels in balance is critical for our health and overall functioning. When fat is included in each meal, it helps to slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, helping to keep a balanced and regulated blood sugar level. The result will be less internal stress, less/no fat accumulation around the mid-section, balanced energy levels, and a better balance of hormones.

Provides Energy: Fat is a concentrated source of energy to help keep us moving and living. It fuels our day to day lives, and without it, we’d not be able to function for long.

They’re Building Blocks: Fat is a building block in our body, helping to form cells, cushion joints, and provide protection. Fat is also an essential building block for the production of hormones. And, fat is one of the primary elements that make up our brain and eyes!

Fight Inflammation: The right kind of fats help to heal the body of chronic, damaging inflammation. Unchecked, chronic inflammation can lead to a number of significant health issues, so regulating it is vital to keeping us healthy and well.

Causes Satiety: Fats help us to feel satisfied and full from what we are eating and helps to slow the digestive process helping us to feel more full for longer periods of time (thus helping us to eat less). The presence of fat also makes our food taste better!

Prevents Deficiencies: Certain nutrients are fat soluble, which means that the body requires fat to be able to digest and assimilate these nutrients. For example, the vitamins A, D, E & K are fat soluble vitamins, so if you’re deficient in essential fatty acids, your body is going to excrete these vitamins, leaving you deficient.

As you can see, fat is essential for the functioning of our bodies. Eating plentiful amounts of the right kind of fat will help you to properly digest, assimilate nutrients, balance hormones, feel full and satisfied, boost metabolism, and much more. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved health, more energy, or anything in between, remember that healthy fat is your friend!

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