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Reboot Your Mood

Staying happy is not the easiest thing to do in a world filled with chaos. Sometimes what you need is to reboot your mood!

Staying happy or feeling balanced is a full-time job. Except you don’t get paid for it, and you have to find ways to accomplish and incorporate that job into your daily lifestyle. There are days when you start off with great enthusiasm, so when one thing goes wrong it is a deep slope downwards, or you generally go through a lot of mood swings. Here are a few things you can do to swap out of negativity and get you back to being present and happy.

Alone Time

When I talk about alone time, I’m not talking about binge watching Netflix when no one else is home or heading to the bar for a few drinks by yourself. It is more about just sitting in silence, maybe drinking a cup of coffee or meditating and learning to be comfortable with yourself and embracing your thoughts and aloneness. A lot of restlessness arises when we are triggered by being alone. By learning to embrace and enjoy your alone time through meditation and listening to your own thoughts, you will eventually find peace and calmness during chaotic times.


When I feel lethargic or simply irritable, I know my body needs to move and produce endorphins. It can mean a simple walk or going to your favorite spin class or hiking. By creating a healthy distraction, you are not just staying in shape, but you are allowing your mind to adopt healthy patterns instead of sulking or approaching medications and alcohol to feel better.

Family Time

We sometimes forget what makes us feel important, loved, and grounded. It is spending quality time with your loved ones. We may get busy with our chores and day-to-day activities. But, a quick phone call or message with your loved ones can make you feel better and energized. Maintaining a strong sense of community and family is essential to long-term happiness and wellbeing.

Routine Change

We all become slaves to routines—even to those healthy routines! Shaking up your routine once in a while can get you out of a bad mood. For example, if you do yoga six times a week, the pressure of keeping up with that schedule can cause more stress than health. If you feel stressed about doing something healthy, replace it with something else like a walk on the beach or a spin class. Keeping things exciting and new is key to a long-term healthy lifestyle.


A lot of times, all we need is an unbiased soundboard. If you need someone to talk to or a secure space to discuss anything, then finding a professional who can listen to you and help you self-reflect is critical to having a healthy mind. Everyone needs therapy because everyone has issues, and everyone needs to be heard and guided. Your mind and consciousness need to be exercised as much as your physical body.

Eat right. Stay active. Be happy.

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