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Vegan Vigilante | Episode 4: 7-11 is Plant Based?!

Welcome to yet another fabulous episode of the Vegan Vigilante! Jason Wrobel has entered people’s homes, the local 99 cent stores and found success in making healthy meals from what he finds. But will he succeed with his next challenge?

Our celebrity chef, Jason Wrobel, didn’t struggle as much as we thought he might with the 99 cent store, so we are upping our challenge game this week. J-Wro must tackle 7-11 this time. That’s right, all his ingredients for a plant-based, healthy, delicious meal must come from the home of the Slurpee and Big Gulp, the convenience store on the corner you hit at the beginning of road trips, the snack shop that comes to mind when cravings strike in the middle of the night. We like making things difficult.

You wouldn’t really expect 7-11 to have much in the healthy or plant-based department, but, once again, you will be surprised at what Jason finds when he really looks. Who knew 7-11 was offering so many healthy options? We sure didn’t, or we might have made this harder on the Vegan Vigilante.

Coconut water, organic bars, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits like mango, banana, kiwi, and strawberries! Jason walks out with plenty of ingredients for one monster smoothie bowl extraordinaire. He makes his own almond milk from raw almonds found in the aisles, adds his fruits, and blends away. He tops it with vegan bars and cookies. Can you say “yum?” This recipe easily goes spoon to spoon with any fancy smoothie bowl using ingredients from a health food store. Maybe we need to make things even harder on our superhero next week.

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