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Sweet Garlic Tofu Nuggets

Win your entire family over with these fabulous, crusted, caramel colored, roasted gems or sweet garlic tofu nuggets. This is where dinner gets amazing.

Tofu on its own is pretty much rather bland, yet its sponge-like texture makes it perfect for absorbing flavors so be sure to season or marinate as you’ll do in this recipe. Blending a few tried and true ingredient combos and paying salute to the popular affliction for sour, sweet, savory and spicy combos (with a touch of astringency for intrigue) make for a sure-fire flavor enhancing winner. This is one of those recipes you keep close on hand until you know it by heart. Then you can shift it up with the addition of various spices such as curry powder, garam masala, Thai curry, etc. Now, get that marinade going and make great use of the oven being on and roast some veggies to round out your meal. See the tips below.

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