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Juggling a Healthy Lifestyle

You have twenty-four hours and already feel like you’re working twenty-four and a half, but you want to be healthy. Where does the workout fit in?

Working out, eating healthy, and being on track is great! But, if you’re the person who pushes through workouts and tries to maintain their regular schedule just because you can’t give anything up, then this article is for you. We all want to maintain a schedule, have a great workout routine, and keep up with and on top of our work and life and still have time for leisure. Life happens, but what do you do when life happens and you still want to feel your best and keep your routine intact?

Time Management

One of the key elements to a successful lifestyle management is being able to manage your time. It does not mean you skip social life or family dinners or other fun activities. It simply means you learn how to prioritize the things you need and still juggle other commitments.

  • Get up two hours early (or however long you want your workout to be) and get your morning workout in.
  • If you missed your morning workout, make sure you are moving a bit more during work.
  • Try to hit the gym during lunch or right after work.
  • Make plans that are realistic; it doesn’t mean you skip dinners. It means you plan your week so you can schedule your workout session on some other day.

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Realistic Commitments

I have created schedules and had a problem with consistently falling back into old patterns. Unable to create realistic commitments is basically setting yourself up for failure. You need to sit back, look at your week, and assign routines per day. For example; you may not be able to do yoga and go for a run in the evening because of work or because your kids or dog needs attention. Again, these are normal situations, and making your family a priority is okay and allows you to keep a life balance – here are some tips that may help you be real and stay balanced.

  • Pick four days in a week where you don’t wish to compromise; on these four days, your workout and set schedule takes priority.
  • Pick 3 days in a week where you are ok to just go for a walk or even call it a rest day without feeling bad; Wednesday and Saturdays are the best as they are mid- week and first day off with your family.

Take it Easy

We live in a world where there are constant expectations and a need to prove yourself to others. Unfortunately, we set those expectations on ourselves as well. Learn to be kind to yourself and that wellness is a lifelong journey. There are people who haven’t been fit for about 45 years, and they suddenly dive into the regimen and become a different person.

  • If you are already a fit person, know that it’s okay to take days off if you are sick or not in the mood. Sometimes you need a rest.
  • If you are trying to get fit, know that it’s a long process. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself.
  • If you are undergoing a medical condition and are trying to lose weight, patience is your friend. Do as much as you can without overextending yourself, and be kind to yourself.

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