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Cookie Dough Granola Bites

Because life is short and should taste great, we’re bringing you this cookie dough banana granola! Take a bite out of life!

The proverbial peanut butter and banana combo has been a long-time favorite and just begging for innovative new creations. Nut allergen sufferers – not to worry because this granola is made with Sunbutter! Sure, it can be made with any nut or seed butter you like; however, I think you’ll taste perfection in this combo of ingredients. You likely have them all on hand, and they come together with one bowl, a measuring cup, a spoon and a baking sheet.

There are all kinds of stir-in additions options. The most fun with this granola is how it bakes up into bite-size pieces, making it a perfect snack when you are on the run, and there’s no time to sit down for a bowl of cereal or a parfait. The recipe makes about 3 cups and is easily doubled. I highly suggest doing so if you have a household of more than two. It freezes easily so you can prep a week of grab-and-go snack bags of these cookie-dough granola bites.

This cookie dough granola is truly a guilt-free, nutrient-dense snack you’ll love.

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