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Barbecue Jackfruit Salad

Know jack about jackfruit! There are tons of reasons to fall in love with jackfruit, and this barbecue jackfruit salad is just one of them!

Being a plant-based connoisseur, I thought I knew about every fruit on the planet, but I realized I did not know jack about fruit! I have recently discovered jackfruit! Jackfruit is an amazing meaty fruit that has a neutral taste. Whatever you flavor it, it takes on that taste. I discovered it one day when eating at a health-conscious Latin American restaurant. I asked if they had a vegan “meat” option and the server said “We have jackfruit. It is soy-free and gluten-free with a meat-like texture.” I was intrigued. So I ordered my salad with barbequed jackfruit on top. To my surprise, it was quite delicious! I actually liked it better than my other faux meats because it was not processed. I loved it so much, I have created my own recipe, and now I make it at pretty regularly.

Benefits of Jackfruit:

Jackfruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and lots of dietary fiber, which makes it a good natural laxative. It is also a viable source of minerals, such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and manganese as well.

Fun Facts about Zucchini:

Did you know that jackfruit is the largest fruit that grows on trees? It can grow up to 100 lbs! It is widely cultivated in throughout tropical regions in the world. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh.

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