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Zesty Quinoa Salad

Sass up your salads with quinoa! Tired of the typical barbecue side dishes? Shake it up with an amazing quinoa salad.

Barbeque season is in full force for a little while longer. It's a great time to interact with our friends and family and eat food! I truthfully get tired of the same old green and macaroni salads. I want something delicious and healthy and not boring! Too much to ask? No. This delicious quinoa salad is filling and delectable and actually tastes even better if you refrigerate it beforehand. The flavors mix well and are so scrumptious!

Quinoa is high in protein and is one of the few grains that has all nine essential amino acids. It also is chock full of protein and so good for you heart. Black beans also have a lot of protein and fiber. They also are loaded with antioxidants that help protect you against cancer.

So why don’t you quit taking that boring lettuce and macaroni salad to get-togethers and take something worth eating!

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