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5 Things a DNA Test Can Tell You About Your Personal Health

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Your DNA can tell you so much more than your ancestry. The power of your DNA holds crucial genetic information that can help guide you on your health journey. And a DNA test unlocks certain genetic markers that can show possible nutritional and health strengths, needs, or weaknesses.

What DNA Actually Does, and How We Know It “Works”

If you’ve ever watched the original Jurassic Park, you’ve likely got the little animated explanation of what DNA is running through your head. It’s shaped like a twisted sort of ladder called a double helix. And though we can’t make dinosaurs from DNA, DNA can do other amazing things for us. It essentially programs the proteins in your body.

While we typically think of protein as being the key component in muscle, it’s also used in every part of your body for more general purposes.

DNA encodes how your body works, including the way you digest food, how your heart responds during exercise, and even how your brain is created.

Because DNA is the basis for everything that makes you unique, we can use DNA to discover virtually every detail about your health.

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More Than Just Ancestry

DNA testing gained a lot of popularity because of at-home DNA tests that help people learn more about their ancestry.

By connecting certain genetic variations to different parts of the world, we can make general assumptions about your ancestry, where you came from, and what your family history looks like.

Sometimes, these genetic variations can even show important migration patterns.

This ability to link us to our pasts is incredibly important by giving us a sense of self and community all at the same time; however, DNA testing can do so much more than making a family tree.

Since your DNA is responsible for every part of your body, including your brain, heart, muscles, digestive system, and more, that information can be used to determine important health risks, deficiencies, weaknesses, and possible illnesses you may have.

Sunwarrior, vegan, LifeDNA, DNA, health, benefits, personal health, biohacks

How DNA Affects Your Health

We know that many genetic variations have direct impacts on your health and wellness.

For example:

  • The MTHFR gene changes how your body creates a protein called “methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase.” If your body doesn’t make enough of it, you may be at risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. As many as 50% of people have an MTHFR mutation.1
  • The FTO gene was the first gene known to cause excess body fat in certain individuals. Certain variations of the FTO gene contribute to higher levels of fat, and analyzing this gene can give us important clues into how you can best manage your weight.2
  • The APOE gene may increase your risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke.3

There are many other genes that impact important parts of your health. The information from these genes may change the best diet or exercise program for you, as well as the strategies that can help you achieve more in terms of your cognition, career, and even your happiness.

Sunwarrior, vegan, LifeDNA, DNA, health, benefits, personal health, biohacks

What DNA Testing Reveals About Your Body, Brain, and Health

Virtually everything in your body is determined by a combination of your DNA and your environment, but here’s a short list of the things we can learn about your body, brain, and overall health in your DNA test:

  • Your need for certain vitamins and minerals, potential deficiencies, health risks, and whether you should explore supplementation because of them.
  • Your metabolism, including how your body metabolizes caffeine, fats, carbs, sugar, alcohol, and more.
  • Your body’s response to certain kinds of exercise, including weight lifting and jogging, and whether you should focus on power sports or endurance sports to maximize your fitness.
  • Your risk for injury in response to exercise, such as your risk for an Achilles heel or the risk of having a heart attack during a race.
  • Your baseline intelligence, including your childhood intelligence, math skills, reading skills, and more.
  • Certain moods and mood disorders, including your risk of depression or anxiety, your openness and neuroticism, and your stress levels.

Again, this is only a small list of potential genetic markers that can be found in your DNA.

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Why a DNA Test is Critical for Biohacking

For many biohacking tricks, we can rely on the general function of our bodies, using universal facts about human biology to make the most of our lives. However, many parts of your brain and body are entirely unique.

If your body processes carbs differently than someone else’s body, you can’t follow the same diet in order to get the best possible results.

Instead, you have to make small changes to your lifestyle, including your diet, exercise, and habits, to optimize your health.

Sunwarrior, LifeDNA, genetic, health, testing, DNA,

For example:

  • Low carb vs. low fat. Only a DNA test can tell you which type of diet is best for you.
  • Jogging vs. weight lifting. Depending on your DNA, some exercises could be more difficult and even put you at risk of certain conditions.
  • What supplements does your body need? If you have a deficiency risk for Vitamin B12 or Magnesium, for example, a generic multivitamin may not provide enough of those nutrients while giving you too much of other ingredients.
  • How much coffee is safe for you to drink?

Taking a quick DNA test can help you get the exact nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices that will optimize your health.

Getting a DNA Test You Can Trust, with Over 100 Traits

A lot of people worry about their DNA data being sold to other companies or given away to the US government.

On top of that, many DNA testing companies have a bad reputation for limiting their data to certain ethnic groups or simply providing inaccurate information.

LifeDNA will never sell your DNA data to anyone, for any reason. Their DNA testing is accurate and based on over 1,100 peer-reviewed studies, and they have never had a data breach or a loss of privacy.

Sunwarrior, vegan, LifeDNA, DNA, health, benefits, personal health, biohacks

If You’re Serious About Your Health and Optimizing Your Mind and Body, Consider Taking Our DNA Test Today

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to take a DNA test if you want to truly make sure you’re following the best possible diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Let us help you take your health to the next level and discover what will your DNA say about you now!

Sunwarrior, vegan, LifeDNA, DNA, health, benefits, personal health, biohacks

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