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Savory Vegetable Tagine

There is nothing like the flavors and color of a Moroccan dish! A healthy, amazingly tasty dish your taste buds will thank you for, dinner has never been better!

This is a take on a traditional Moroccan tagine. However, this one is loaded with pure plant-based ingredients that are full of protein and fiber. The rice is replaced with quinoa, but brown basmati rice can easily be used. The dried fruit complements the savory accents of the Moroccan spices in this tagine. You don’t actually need a tagine to cook it in, although it would add to the experience.

What so wonderful about this dish is that it is fully loaded and colorful. It also yields quite a bit so you can enjoy it over several days or invite lots of people over to enjoy it with you. Feel free to change up the vegetables depending on the season.

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