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Vegan Vigilante | Episode 5: Walgreens Goes Vegan?!

We have reached the fifth episode of The Vegan Vigilante, and that means we are upping the challenge even further! Vegan chef Jason Wrobel may have met his match!

This week we ask Jason Wrobel, our always entertaining celebrity vegan chef friend, to make a healthy, delicious, plant-based, and nutritious meal using only the ingredients he can find in a store that isn’t known for its food options. Yes, we’re making it harder than ever. Forget 99 cent stores or convenience stores. We are sending J-Wro to Walgreens to source his recipe accoutrements! Yay, pharmacy for the win! We’re certain he’ll struggle this time.

Jason starts his mission off with a smile, but we’ll see how long that lasts when faced with cough syrups and maybe some snack foods. Of course Jason manages to find something better, even some raw options. He tosses tofurkey kielbasa, fancy Greek olives, mushrooms, green beans, tomato sauce, spaghetti, and spices into his basket.

This means Jason can make a solid pasta dish from pharmacy-found ingredients. He is doing the impastable here, people! Browning his kielbasa in oil from the olives, boiling up noodles, sautéing veggies, and tossing together deliciousness with more ease than we thought. The Vegan Vigilante proves once again that there are no excuses. You can find the means to make healthy meals everywhere you go.

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