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6 Holiday Gift Ideas That Give the Ultimate Gift: Health

Give your loved ones the gift that shows you really love them this year: the gift of health! These 6 gift ideas will make knocking out that Christmas list a snap!

The holidays are a great time to trick your friends and family into being healthier. No, you didn’t read that wrong, I did say trick people. (And yes, I’m aware the gift-giving holidays are not April Fool’s Day.) But the thing is: when you present health in a fun and exciting (and heavily gift-wrapped) way, health becomes more desirable, so it’s in your best interest to gift the people you love healthy stuff this holiday season! If, of course, you want them to receive the ultimate gift -- the gift of health. Here are some great present ideas for you!

Homemade Healthy Food!

Yes, let’s start off with a homemade gift because why not? I promise that anything homemade and gifted in a cute little glass jar with a bow will win over anyone! What to put in a cute little glass jar with a bow? How about a batch of this decadent homemade cinnamon superfood nut butter! Or this gingerbread granola! Don’t like cooking? A jar of your vegan’s favorite nuts (cashews, almonds, or pistachios) is an amazing gift!

Spiralizer or Blender

If you’re looking to gift someone a “more fun” way to eat veggies, then gifting them a spiralizer is a home run. This affordable kitchen gadget turns zucchini, sweet potatoes, and even apples into pasta noodles! Which turns kids and picky eaters into plant lovers! Everyone loves a blender! I think. I hope? I’ve been gifting people small high-speed blenders for years, and everyone I give it to seems to love it! Now they can make smoothies, banana ice cream, pestos, sauces, spreads, and dips with ease. And if all else fails, you can pitch it as a margarita-making machine. Bingo!

Essential Oils

This is one of the sneakiest ways to gift the gift of health, as essential oils are really magical little plant healers disguised as room perfume! Your co-worker might be thinking you just got her some lavender oil and a diffuser so her bedroom smells beautiful but you and I both know you did that so hopefully after she smells the lavender in her bedroom she comes into the office a little more chilled out. See? A little magical plant healer disguised at room perfume!

A Kickass Water Bottle

Everyone drinks water. (And most everyone ought to drink even more water!) So, gifting a kickass water bottle (kickass meaning: it both keeps water cool for long periods of time AND looks cool) is a thoughtful idea in my book! Plus, it’s helping save the environment from more pollution of non-refillable plastic water bottles. So, it’s kind of a gift for mother nature, too! Here’s a kickass water bottle if you’re looking for one.

CSA Membership

Why not literally gift someone the gift of health right from the ground? Giving someone a subscription to a local CSA (community supported agriculture - i.e., a farm that boxes up their produce each week or every other week for you to take home and play with) is a great way to make them feel like they have a garden when they don’t. I bet they won’t let those beautiful, grown-with-love veggies go to waste; they’ll have to figure out SOME way to eat them :-)

Kombucha Brew Kit

Kombucha is the new beer; didn’t you hear? Well, for some of us, this high-in-probiotic fermented tea drink is better than beer! But just like you maybe would’ve gifted someone a beer brewing kit, why not gift them a healthier, equally fun but way better for the gut kombucha brewing kit!

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