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Pre-Workout Comforting, Cheesy Breakfast Oatmeal

For a pre-workout breakfast that is savory and filling, you’ve got to try this comforting, cheesy oatmeal!

Changing seasons triggers different cravings for most people. This is body wisdom at work. As the temperatures drop, the body’s innate need for warming, filling foods rises. And for me, colder weather begets longing for more comfort as well. This creation fills all those needs and is such a simple twist on a familiar classic. We now know less sugar is best, and in my home, savory oatmeal or savory grits trumps sweet cereals. They taste best when cooked low and slow and paired with a few other faves – namely avocado, cashews and nutritional yeast. I am sure my body bows in gratitude as I slowly savor what becomes a weekly selection in autumn and winter. You can make extra and either enjoy it a few days later or freeze for those mornings when you need a grab and go breakfast. It’s okay at room temp yet best served steamy. Get breakfast going with this pre-workout meal!

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