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Fruitastic Snow Cones!

Before summer’s gone, indulge in the best summer has to offer: snow cones! Fruity and refreshing and so, so good!

Snow cones were always a rite of passage into summer during my childhood. Every year, the anticipation for ice cold snow cones filled me with excitement. Snow cones were always synonymous with fairs, carnivals, and fun. These classic carnival treats are something I still crave as an adult. In retrospect, those snow cones were loaded with food colorings and sugar.

Working for a healthier treat that gives the same happy refreshing feelings, these frozen treats are great for the little ones or adults

These snow cones are ridiculously easy to make and come together in less than two minutes. Forget the beautiful pictures on the internet of lavish desserts that are so visually appealing (and also very time consuming). It’s summer, you want something refreshing and fast!

You can choose an assortment of fruits to use. We used a watermelon juice as the “syrup” alongside some wild blueberries and sour cherries. Watermelon is it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals and keeps you hydrated in the hot weather.

Forget the sugar filled syrups. All you need is your favorite juice to top your snow cone. If watermelon isn’t your favorite, you can use pineapple, orange, pear, or apple.

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