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20 Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes To Make Your Holiday Easier!

Do you need some inspiration for Thanksgiving this year? Well, we have done all the hard work for you. From appetizers, to dessert, we have you covered. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, or just have to bring a side, we have 20 of the best vegan Thanksgiving recipes to choose from.



You can serve this cheeseball with any of your favorite raw vegetables; we even put sliced honeycrisp apples on our tray, the combination of the sweet crisp apples and the piquant cheese was amazing.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme are the traditional Thanksgiving herbal flavors, just like the song. This hummus is a great addition to your feast!

Butternut squash is the main ingredient in these crostinis. A nutritious and delicious appetizer that's rich in protein and essential fatty acids. Top it with cultured vegetables, microgreens, or a sprig of your favorite fresh herb. These crostinis are the perfect appetizer for your Thanksgiving meal.

4. Turkey Face Veggie Tray from Better Homes & Gardens

Kick off your Thanksgiving meal on a healthy note with this cute and nutritious hummus appetizer spread.

A vegan spinach pecan salad with a tangy grapefruit strawberry dressing. The perfect quick, easy, refreshing salad for Thanksgiving.

The combined notes of apple, cranberry and pecan just sing Thanksgiving! But, because it is so easy and delicious, this spinach salad can be enjoyed all winter long.

The great thing about this recipe is you can either prep ahead everything and mix it together the day you want to serve it or you can chop everything and roast it while your quinoa is steaming away. It’s a super simple recipe that only requires a little patience, luckily everything can bake together so it saves you lots of time.

Main Dishes

How fantastic are these stuffing muffins with mashed potatoes on top? Such a great idea! All the flavors mashed into one muffin. Genius!!

I think it’s important to have a gorgeous centerpiece for your holiday feast, whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other time you want to celebrate with loved ones. With this stuffed roasted butternut squash you get all of the wow factor a good feast deserves!

How gorgeous is this vegan spiral tart from The Colorful Kitchen? Imagine bringing this to your Thanksgiving dinner this year. This recipe is pretty hard to beat!


Potatoes cooked in most forms are comforting and delicious, BUT mashed & smothered in a creamy, savory & rich mushroom gravy? Well, now that’s on another level and I think most of us can relate

This stuffing has all the Thanksgiving flavors you are looking for. Savory and hearty with a little sweetness from the dried cranberries. You will be making this stuffing the whole holiday season.

These roasted cabbages are absolutely beautiful and so easy to make. They look like flowers when they are done roasting. This recipe will defininately impress your guests.

Cornbread is so versatile and can be made as muffins or just in a pie pan. It comes together very quickly and goes with almost any meal. And leftovers can be served for breakfast with a slather of jam. Tasty!

I know that at this time of year many people want to know how to make cranberry sauce with no sugar. If you haven’t made a whole berry cranberry sauce before, you’ll never want to go back to the canned stuff!


What’s great about this pumpkin pie is that it loves on your muscles because it is packed with protein! It’s good enough to convince you that pumpkin pie is in season all year long! With protein to build your muscles and the antioxidants in pumpkin to keep your body healthy. This pupkin pie recipe will take you through the holiday season and beyond!

This creamy "cheesecake" is made with soaked cashews. Once blended, they create a smooth and creamy texture to mimic other cheesecakes. The cashews are packed with vitamins like E, K, and B6, and also are antioxidants. The pumpkin is a good source of beta-carotene and loaded with vitamin A which helps your eyesight. Delicious AND good for you? The perfect dessert does exist!

Thanksgiving doesn't always have to be all about pumpkin pies! These baked apples would be the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving dinner. Topped with some vanilla coconut ice cream, yum!

This recipe is incredible with a salted caramel sauce that uses pitted dates, almond butter, coconut oil, and Himalayan salt. All you need to do is place all of those ingredients into a high-speed blender, pour on top of your pecan bars and voila, the most decadent and guilt-free treats you will have all holiday season.

This wonderful pie, you can fully indulge in this heavenly flavor without any of the nasty stuff because there simply is no nasty stuff! This delicious pie is made with all natural ingredients, and it tastes so good you won’t believe that all this healthy stuff you’ve just put together turned into the most indulgent dessert.

There you have it! Twenty of the best vegan Thanksgiving recipes all in one place. We hope that this helps make your Thanksgiving a little easier and healthier. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


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