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The Silent Killer

What killer hides in your kitchen? How do you recognize it? Knowing is half the battle, so learn what you need to know to keep your health safe!

There’s a secret killer, a common, everyday ingredient lurking in your fridge, in your desk drawer at work, at the supermarket, and in your pantry. It affects everyone. Even vegans and vegetarians are at risk. This killer is in so many foods; it’s often overlooked. We’re talking about sugar, one of the root causes of many of our modern diseases and illnesses.

Our bodies were made to use all carbohydrates, but not in the concentrated forms found in refined sugar. There are ten ways this simple carb is killing you.

  • Heart Damage – Increasing risks of heart disease
  • Belly Fat – Adolescent and childhood obesity rates are growing, especially the belly
  • Leptin Resistance – This hormone tells you when you’ve had enough food
  • Cancer Feeding – Cancer cells consume more sugar than regular cells
  • Addiction – Lights up the same pleasure areas of the brain as many drugs
  • Liver Damage – Similar to the toxic effects alcohol has on the body
  • Brain Sapping – Accelerates aging and affects cognitive function
  • Alzheimer’s – Degeneration may be linked to sugar consumption
  • Shorter Life – Increased risk of mortality linked to sugary beverages
  • General Fat – Countries consuming more sugar are getting fatter

Limit the amount of this silent killer by eating more whole foods today. It could save your life.

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