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Vegan Purple Potato Salad

Get in the summer spirit and celebrate with your picnic and backyard BBQ with style with this vegan purple potato salad!

Summer is here and so are picnics and barbecues. I am a potato type of gal, but I always find the humble purple potato so underused. There are so many different types of potatoes on the market, and, normally, they’re in season all year around. These potatoes originate from South America, and they are gaining popularity worldwide. I remember years ago, they were very difficult to find. Now, they’re available at almost every grocery store.

Unlike white potatoes, these are higher in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. I am an endurance athlete, so I am always looking for that perfect carbohydrate that will keep me energized before and during training. I have found that these potatoes give me the sustained energy I need to power through hours of rigorous training. I even have made them into mashed potatoes and potato chips. These are still my preferred energy source.

Summer markets are in full swing, so try to find vegetables that are in season and grown locally. These vegetables will have ten times more nutrients than those from the grocery store. I added some tomatoes and kale to this dish. You can add whatever vegetables you want, as long as the star of the show is your potato. You can double up this batch for a party and make it the night ahead. Pop it into the fridge and let the flavors come alive overnight. This salad is meant to be served cold.

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