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Healthy Grocery Store Items for about a Buck!

Don’t let rumors fool you into thinking you can’t afford to be healthy! Let us count those pennies with you by showing you healthy grocery store items you can get for about a buck!

Have you ever heard people say that eating healthy is more expensive, so they don’t do it? How about the rumor that going to a fast food drive-through is cheaper than cooking at home for their family? There is a huge misconception that eating healthy has to be expensive. However, that’s not the case at all! There are tons of options for healthy food that you can keep in your pantry for months and use for a quick meal at any time! Next time you need a pantry update, take this list with you to save money while having healthy options readily available for any night of the week.

*Note: prices for these items depend on where you live.


Beans are probably one of the cheapest things on the planet and have great health benefits! They are loaded with protein and fiber to keep you full and focused. Head over to the canned section, and you’ll usually find beans ranging from $0.69 to $0.99 and above. Look for the supermarket brand as it’s usually cheaper, and go to town! Even better, buy dried beans and hydrate them yourself! Make sure to get a variety, so you don’t get bored. Beans are so versatile! They can be used in tacos chili, salads, and even black bean brownies! You’ll definitely want to pack your pantry with this staple food.

Canned Tomatoes

While fresh tomatoes (especially in summer) are always preferable, canned tomatoes are a great pantry staple to have in your house to make a quick tomato sauce, add to soups, and even for making salsa. The best part is that you can choose from crushed, diced, petite diced, whole tomatoes, and even tomato sauce. Having a couple of different options in your pantry helps to ensure that you have just what you need.


Probably the cheapest fruit on the planet, bananas usually cost cents for a pound! Depending on how big the bananas are, you can definitely get a couple for less than a dollar. Bananas are a great snack option to have around the house or on the go.

(NOTE: Bananas are great to add to a smoothie. Try out our creamy banana smoothie today for creamy satisfaction and a burst of awesomeness. Check it out here.)


Since garlic bulbs come with multiple garlic cloves, you can use it in multiple dishes throughout the week! Pair with your canned tomatoes for tomato sauce, and you’ll have a flavorful, garlicky tomato sauce to go on pasta.


A great source of vitamin C and an all-around delicious option, oranges are usually less than a dollar when they are in season (or at least $1 each). You can use it to flavor water, make a sauce, add to a fruit salad, or just eat as a snack!


This may only work if you head over the bulk section of the grocery store. Double check to see the price per pound, then adjust how much you need to get under $1. Since oats are very light, you’ll be able to get quite a lot.


Potatoes often run for less than a dollar per pound! Use potatoes in soups with tons of veggies and beans to stretch it as much as possible, or just make a large baked potato for dinner!


There’s never a time when I haven’t been able to find some type of pasta for under $1. It’s a great pantry item to have for a quick meal, and you don’t even have to make the whole box at once. Or you can buy a zucchini and spiralize it into zoodles!

Frozen Vegetables

There is no shame in the frozen vegetable game! During the off-season, fresh vegetables can be very expensive! However, if you head on over to the frozen food section, you can find a plethora of frozen veggies to make anything you might want.

Nutritional Yeast

Once again, you’ll have to head to the bulk section to get the best price on this, but nutritional yeast is a definite must-have for nutrients when you are trying to be on a budget. Packed with vitamin B12 among others, nutritional yeast goes great on pasta, beans, rice, and vegetables. Make sure to check the price and weigh to come in under a dollar!

So there you have it. Eating healthy on a budget is not only doable, it’s awesome! Now that you’ve got your list, get shopping!

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