Not Just for Smoothies! 16 Ways to Use Sunwarrior Plant-Protein Powder!

Protein is not just for smoothies anymore! Get your protein in all the fun ways! 16 ways to use Sunwarrior protein that will make your mouth and body happy!

For the first few years where Sunwarrior plant-protein powder was in my life, it never saw life beyond its tub, my blender, and a glass jar. (Okay and a straw sometimes, too.) I thought protein powder was a smoothie-only type of ingredient.

But then one day, I stumbled upon a recipe for protein pancakes - actual pancakes that used protein powder as an ingredient, and my mind was blown. (As were my taste buds!). I realized that when you put protein into baked goods or sugary things, it makes them less “bad for you.” What I mean by that is putting protein powder into a treat helps that treat fill you up, not spike → crash your blood sugar and cause you to eat more later, all of which sugary baked goods are notorious for. (This is how they hinder your weight-loss or cause you to gain weight.)

Since that protein pancake experience, I’ve since perfected my own protein pancake recipe with Sunwarrior protein powder and have made it a fun mission to see how many different ways I can use the best tasting and textured plant-based protein powder on the planet. So far, I’m up to sixteen. Let me know if you have any more ideas!

  1. The obvious smoothie. Sorry, I have to put it here because it’s clearly the number one way to use Sunwarrior. My quick go-to smoothie formula is one scoop of Sunwarrior + almond milk + ½ a frozen banana + a handful of greens, but adding fun flavors like nut butter or other fruits like berries or mango can keep your blender and taste buds on their toes. Here’s a peanut butter green smoothie I love.
  2. The also obvious smoothie or acai bowl. For these, I use just a little less liquid than I use in a smoothie, so they’re thicker. Then, I can top them with crunchy stuff like granola, fruit or nut butter and eat them with a spoon like a bowl of ice cream!
  3. Muffins! Like these apple pie protein muffins
  4. Snack balls! Like these PB&J protein balls
  5. Homemade nut butter! Like in this recipe
  6. Pancakes and waffles! Here’s my favorite pancake recipe
  7. Popsicles! Seriously, here are refreshing protein green smoothie pops
  8. Blondies! No joke, these are like brownies but lighter and packed with protein
  9. Berry crisp! It’s perfect for summer
  10. Granola! Like this tropical flavored one
  11. Chia pudding! For the ultimate protein-packed snack
  12. Overnight oats! For the laziest and most filling pre-made breakfast
  13. Rice crispy treats! Because why not pump up the protein in the world’s most fun snack?
  14. Raw edible cookie dough! Because we all need a healthy-ish treat for when we had a bad day
  15. Bread! Like this festive gingerbread bread
  16. Cupcakes! Because birthdays are better with less blood sugar spikes

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    • Yaron, Tel Aviv, Israel

      I add a scoop of Sunwarrior protein to a cup of cut oatmeal, a small handful of raisins, with dashes and cinnamon, a bit of sugar and a pinch of salt in a bowl; mix all dry ingredients; and then add hot water. Makes two servings with 12.5 grams of protein each. Excellent on the go.

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