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Top 5 Post Workout Recovery Tips

You did the workout! You feel great! But did you forget something important that will help keep you trim, fit, and ready to go? Probably. So here are the top 5 post-workout recovery tips to help!

Do you grab a shower after your workout, pat yourself on the back and think "Check! Daily Workout Complete?" You may not realize that there are some post-workout mistakes often made. What you eat, drink, and don't do can affect your recovery results. Most people pay attention to what they do before a workout but don’t think as much about post recovery, Feeding your muscles, stretching, and adequate sleep are just a few of the requirements needed for post-workout recovery. Here are my top 5 post-workout steps to achieve optimal and lasting results.


Staying hydrated before, and after, your workout allows your body to recover faster. Water hydration is very important. You can also include a branched-chain amino acid which will help aid your recovery a little faster. Coconut water also helps to balance out your electrolytes after a good workout. Just stay away from high sugars.


What you eat post-workout can quickly determine the types of results you are going to achieve. Making sure you consume around 20 grams of healthy protein after a workout sets you up for success. Those working on major gains can push their protein up. Potassium is another nutritional need after a workout. Bananas and mashed potatoes work well for revving up your potassium. Your body needs to feed after a workout, so make sure you do your body good!


Many people often skip pre-workout stretching, and then completely forget that post-workout stretching is very important as well. Why is this so important? It helps in reducing cramping and soreness, and it aids in healing. If you are looking for muscle gains, the benefit of stretching can help. How? Being more flexible allows you to squat lower and attain maximum benefits. Stretching major muscles before bed will continue to help your muscles feel relaxed. Think about obtaining a foam roller. It is another good source to stretch out your muscles.

Cool Down Period

Another important post-workout tip: don’t forget to take 10 minutes and cool down. This will help keep your muscles moving to reduce soreness. This is accomplished by stimulating blood flow through the muscles. If you just sit and do nothing you have a higher chance of decreased recovery time. Take these minutes if you can to improve your overall recovery period.


Sleep is vital for muscle recovery, gains, and reduced stress. An average of 7–8 hours of sleep for an average person is ideal. Those who are much more active than the norm may require up to 9 hours of sleep per night. Sleep not only helps your body but it also helps reduce your stress levels, which, if high, negatively impacts your recovery.

Post workout recovery is just as important as what you do prior to your workout. Remember, you are making the effort and taking the time to improve your overall health. Why not get the best results possible? It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a well-trained athlete, what you do post workout makes a difference.

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