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Beet Veggie Dip

Let your vegetables take a dive into a dip of awesome with this creamy beet veggie dip! This season is all about bright and crisp flavors, so we’re giving you the bright and crisp elegance of beets.

We eat first with our eyes. And the gorgeous colors of summer fruits are a feast! This season is about utilizing those colors to make dishes packed with nutrients and make you feel good over all. With color in mind, we decided to play around with the conventional hummus recipe and came up with this incredible veggie dip. Beets add a pop of color and flavor to everything, and this spreadable veggie dip is just what your vegetable plate needs. This dip has the earthiness of beets and the creamy texture from the tahini and cashews.

This hummus will keep up to one week in a sealed container in the fridge (If it lasts that long!).

This recipe is bursting with plant-based protein from both the tahini and cashews. With all that, the real star of this dish is the beets: bursting with fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. Spread this dip on toast or veggies, or use it as an accompaniment to any dish.

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