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Vegan Asian Cuisine: Sweet and Sour Cauliflower

Vegans have all the protein! Especially with this vegan Asian sweet and sour cauliflower! Dinner is served!

It’s important to add more meatless meals to your diet in order to amplify natural energy. Who says eating vegan doesn’t have the adequate protein source to a daily diet? Not I.

There are countless ways to enjoy your favorite foods all while getting the proper nutrients your taste buds will love. More times than not, people focus too much on what they cannot have rather than all that they can have. Yes, vegetables can be the star of your plate, and you’ll love it. Vegetables contain a variety of vitamins such as vitamin K and A and so on. They are also packed with minerals such as potassium and are rich in fiber, which means you will be full and satisfied all while keeping those calories for the day in check.

Swap out food staples. That fried sweet and sour chicken that smells so good at that Chinese restaurant? Make your own healthy Asian vegan cuisine that is baked. Swap out the meat for some cauliflower and flood your body with more whole food plants.

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