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5 Best Adaptogens

Adaptogens help people adapt to different life stressors. Here are the five best for you to adapt to the stresses in your life!

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that have been used for centuries in India and China as a conduit to help people adapt to different stressors of life. They are used primarily to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress levels, reduce anxiety and improve cellular energy. Here are the top 5 adaptogens you can take on a daily basis:


Amla is considered a fountain of youth. It helps protect the memories in our brains and adds longevity to our lives. It helps our physical bodies resist decay and disease as well as maintains liver function. Amla nourishes the blood and is good for our hair, teeth, and bones. It provides vitamin C and other antioxidants.


Ashwagandha boosts endocrine function, thyroid function, and the testes and adrenal gland functions. People use Ashwagandha to help with fertility and vitality in men.

Ashwagandha is also great for heavy menstruation in women because it is rich in iron and can help women heal faster after a miscarriage.


Like mushrooms, Cordyceps is a fungus. But unlike the mushrooms sliced up in your salad, these are grown on the backs of caterpillars, so yes . . . caterpillar fungus. Before you turn your nose up at them, consider the benefits!

They promote and boost longevity, fertility, and sexual functions, It’s good for cardiovascular health and acts as an anti-inflammatory. They also boost athletic performance and immunity and are supposed to be good for your kidneys and lungs.

Eleuthero Root

If you’re experiencing stress, work long hours, or fail to get enough sleep, eleuthero root is for you! This little root helps improve your quality of sleep and inhibits waking up all the time during restless sleep. Eleuthero root helps stabilize blood sugar levels, boosts the immune system, and aids in recovery from illness, trauma, and surgery.


Maca is a root that is valued for naturally boosting the sex drive for both men and women. It also boosts hormonal health. It promotes good moods and boosts learning skills and memory retention.

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