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Detox this New Year!

Detox, teatox, botox, it's all about "tox" these days. What is the right program for you? Here are 6 steps for your detox!

As a consumer, it's easy to get lost in the detox frenzy. Instead of spending huge amounts of money on detox plans and other programs, you can actually detox at home at no cost beyond the things you likely already have at home. Here are 6 steps to take you to detox land.

White Products

Anything white is to be reduced, which means no white bread, white sugar, or white flour. The best way is not to dump all of it, but to find replacements. The idea is to slowly get you off these old habits. When you go to buy new bread, get whole grain instead of white.

These white products are not just bad for your waistline, but they also ruin your skin, mood, and colon. They cause cancer and are a major cause of autism in young children.


Most people have a sweet tooth, whether it's some sugar in your coffee or a slice of cake. In the name of maintaining good insulin levels and good GI intake, food companies have produced a line of sweeteners claiming zero sugar and with no side effects. Sweeteners like Equal, Splenda, and aspartame can do more harm than white sugar, causing your liver and kidneys to fail.

The key is moderation. Use dates instead of white sugar in your cakes. Avoid artificial sweeteners and stick to natural alternatives. It's critical to understand that there is nothing wrong with having cravings, wanting a certain taste and feeling satisfied. But it is important to recognize these feelings and wants and make an effort to create and use healthy versions of them.


Yes, this is on the list. Having a good time over the weekend is no crime. Again, moderation plays a key role. Having 1–3 drinks is normal. Having more than that on a regular basis is detrimental to your health. You would not just be sacrificing your organ functioning, but it may also lead to depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more.

Reduce your intake. Replace hard liquor with red or white wine.

Junk Food

This is most important of all. Eating is not just about taste and flavors; it's much more than that. It's about emotions. Ever heard the phrase " eating your emotions?" It's true. Emotional binging or eating comfort food is all related to emotions. Replacing your junk food with healthy versions is the way to go. For example, instead of eating a McDonald's burger, try a black bean burger; instead of fried potato chips, try eating plantain chips.


Water is a resource for survival, a liquid which carries oxygen, regulates your body's blood flow, improves digestion, and, of course, gets rids of toxins. Drink 2–3 liters of filtered water every day. This is the best way to get your detox on. If water gets boring, add some lemon, cucumber, or even mint to add some flavor to it.

Avoid too much caffeine and black tea. They act as diuretics and may dehydrate you quicker.

Skin Products

It's not just about what you put into your body, what's also important is what you put on your body. Your skin is the human body's biggest organ and what you apply on it gets carried by the cells into the bloodstream. Hence, using tons of makeup, perfume, and chemical-filled deodorants are not only harmful to your skin, but these products also contain ingredients such as oxybenzone, carcinogens, and others that are prone to causing cancerous cells and other life-threatening diseases.

So use natural oils, natural moisturizers, and other organic skin products to stay healthy and beautiful naturally!

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