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Spring Chopped Salad

Bring out the flavors of spring by chopping them up into this delightful salad! Zesty and refreshing, this is everything you love about spring!

Created with a variety nuts, seeds, grains, and amazing veggies, including carrots, potato, kale, and collard greens, this delicious salad will leave you energized throughout your entire day. My friends always complained that they were hungry an hour after eating their salads, therefore always snacking on foods until dinner time. By adding more hearty and nutrient dense vegetables, this salad will leave you satiated! This salad is great if you double it and refrigerate it for the following day. This recipe is popping with flavors; it is hard to resist.

This salad not only is bustling with greens and vegetables, but it also adds the incredible power of red rice. Red rice is unhulled like it’s counterpart brown rice adding more nutritional value to the grain. Red rice is very high in bran; therefore, the fiber content is high. This will help regulate your digestive system. The flavor of red rice is beautiful nutty flavor.

Spring is the time that greens are blooming and ready to eat. Take a day on the weekend to visit your local farmers market to see which greens are in season and local. I found delicious kale and collard greens for this salad, but any green will work. When your greens are local and have been harvested only a few days prior is when the maximum amount of nutrients are present. The salad dressing comes together in no time. We use orange juice to give it a touch of sweetness, but you can always omit it for lemon or lime juice.

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