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Wholly Guacamole! Keeping Summer Parties Healthy!

Not sure what to bring or not bring to your next backyard party or potluck? Here are some ideas and a guacamole recipe to help you bring something tasty and healthy!

There is nothing like spending your summer afternoons or evenings among friends devouring some delicious food. Whether it is a potluck, barbeque, patio party or just an excuse to get together on a summer day – you want your dish to be the life of the party. Don’t spoil it by bringing something that isn’t vibrant with color, filled with flavor, and sprinkled with texture. You don’t need to “give in” when it comes to summer time eating; in fact, it’s your chance to take advantage of local and fresh produce and make something that will have everyone begging for more!

Don’t Bring These

  • Don’t bring trays or platters with cheeses and dips loaded with calories
  • Don’t bring bags of basic potato chips loaded with sodium and fat
  • Don’t bring soda pop or fruit juices loaded with sugar
  • Don’t bring coleslaw or salad loaded with mayonnaise or a creamy dressing

Instead, Do Bring These!

  • Make an herbed bean dip or a guacamole
  • Bring organic corn chips or a vegetable platter
  • Make a refreshing lemonade or 100% fruit juice or water infused with berries and mint
  • Make a quinoa taboule salad or kale slaw salad filled with nuts and seeds and fresh herbs

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